Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Feel like a breakdown

I've been in college since last summer, so I now have 3 semesters under my belt and 22 credits to my name. I have an awesome 3.75 GPA, but it feels like its all for not. I've been sitting here the last 3 days trying to decide what to get my degree in. Its crunch time and I need to figure it out. I started with the intentions of getting an AAS in IT but it turned out that they had specific classes at specific times a day, and that just wouldn't work due to having Kieran at home all day still (and daycare would cost more then what I'd get in FinAid a semester). When I found out about that in Feb I was pretty irked, I'd already spent 2 semesters working towards the prereq's for that, and was almost in the middle of the 3rd semester. I then decided to do Medical Admin Assistant, and recently thought harder about that and its just not for me, one I'm worried about the possibility of constant movement with that job or lifting.

I got to looking at the degrees and what I've completed and saw that I could get an AS in Secondary Education and have it done by Fall of 2014, which is a semester sooner then what the MAA would've been. I stupidly dropped all my classes I was registered with and signed up for the Edu ones, now I'm back to not knowing what to do. Going the teaching route, while it may work for my physical limitations it will take another 4-5yrs to be done and thousands of more dollars since I'm almost out of pell grant.

Having a physical disability is making this harder then it should be. Every time I think "Ok I'm going to get this degree," a few days later I realize the physical limitations that come with me and wont work. I also have a huge fear of graduating and not being able to find a decent paying job (that covers daycare + health insurance + student loan payments) and being completely screwed. Wish this was all easier.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Question time

Today I blog a question in hopes someone out there reading has an answer! (hehe) I used to find and post giveaways on Prizey, but earlier this year (or end of last year?) they shut down. I've been looking for months, and finally gave up, on finding some place similar to them. I recently found a small blog hop but each of the giveaways had thousands of entrants, so I figured there has to be a giveaway listing site like Prizey out there. Now my question to anyone out there...

Do you know of any site/s like Prizey to list and find giveaways? Leave me a comment if you do!