Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow, snow, snow

Last weekend they said we were going to get dumped on, we only ended up with about 3" and half melted then froze. The temps are what was bad, -12 or more with the Windchill.
Monday they said that we were in a Winter Advisory for Wed, expecting 4-7" of snow but we laughed at it. Then late yesterday it was turned into a Winter Storm Warning. I still laughed. Woke up at 8:45am this morning and there was about 2" of snow on the ground, I checked the weather channels website and there was a huge storm over us. I just checked it again at 6:40pm PST and the same storm is over us, hasn't moved sense this morning. I'd guess theres about 4-5" out there now, and the NOAA and NWS and our local news just changed the expected snow fall to






Picture from 3:30pm PST out front

Pictures around 6:30pm out back

Friday, November 14, 2008

Gestational Diabetes

Fun times again. I took my Gestational Diabetes test last Friday (11/7), and called my Ob's on Tuesday. I failed it, 150 for my 1hr, I can't remember if my offices wants it under 130 for pregnacy or 120. I know 120 and under is normal for a non pregnant person though. The nurse I was talking to I had to "argue" with not really argue with but she was trying to tell me I had to take my 3hr next. I dont have to take the 3hr and I refuse to. The OB that I've seen sense I was 15 told me I didn't need to take the 3hr if I failed the 1hr sense I was on insulin with Seamus. Of course the OB that I've seen the longest in the practice wasnt' there Wed or Tuesday so the nurse said that she'd have one of the other doc's look at my chart. We have to see all 3 Ob's in the office sense they dont' know who will deliver. The Ob that I've seen sense I was 15 said most likely they'd watch my sugars for a week and then into Insulin(told me this around 10weeks preggo). I have my gender u/s on the 21st with Dr. P(the one I've seen the longest) and I will talk to him then sense I havent' gotten a call back from the office yet.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


This is the first year I'm allowed to vote, sadly and funnily the first year my brother can too(18). I was 17 at the last election and turned 18 a few months after.

But I don't think I'm going to. Is that wrong of me? I just don't really agree with either side. I hardly ever agree with the republicans but I'm not even agreeing with what Obama wants either.

I know theres all these ads trying to get young people to vote, but I see why none of us want to. I think a lot of what they say is crap just to get elected, I don't believe any of it will really happen. It reminds me of High school ASB elections, the kids say things just so everyone likes them so they can be President, VP, and down the line, but none of what they say happens, they just like the title of it.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Monday, October 6, 2008

Going to rip out my hair

I dont know whats wrong with him. He slept so good Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. But Last night and tonight he wakes up ever 1-1½ screaming. Saturday he only had his pain meds once. Sunday didn't have any till bed. Today I never gave it to him just some infant Tylenol twice. Just a few minutes ago he woke up screaming, second time sense he went to bed at just after 8pm, (its 11:25pm now) and he was pointing at his mouth, saying "Mouth" I couldn't get anything else out of him except "elmo" and he tried to go down the stairs. I dont know what is going on. But its getting stressful. He had a short little nap today from 1:40-3pm hasn't done that sense we got home from the hospital Thursday, and before that it'd been 2weeks sense he'd last napped.

I dont know if something is wrong with him or its pain or what. Last night we gave him his pain meds every 4hrs while sleeping hoping it would help to keep him asleep but it didn't. And tonight I gave him tylenol just after 8pm before bed so he can't have any pain meds for almost another hour.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Bowel Movement

Scratch that he just went *Puke* smelly

I'm not sure how normal it is, but Seamus hasn't gone poo sense Tuesday afternoon. Hes had very stinky farts which isn't normal for him. Hes eating semi solid stuff, mostly just softer stuff. But no poo's. I'm not sure if its dumb to call the ped or wait another day or so.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Well he did pretty well getting his tonsils out. We got to the hospital at 6am, the surgery was supposed to start at 7:15am but started around 15mintues late because the medicine they use to relax him has a 2day hold and the pharmacy didn't want to send it, the doc, anesthesiologist and nurses kept calling to get it, and it finally came. My husband went with Seamus while the put him under, I was already puking and didn't think I could handle it, hubby said he went under fast and easily.

We went down the the cafeteria to grab some food and drinks while he was in the OR and came back to wait. About 15mintues after we got back to the waiting room the doc called us back to a meeting room. He said Seamus did well and his tonsils and adenoids were quite large and that we'd see an improvement right away. The OR is on the 2nd floor and the Ped unit is on the 3rd so my husband and I went up the the Ped unit to wait for them to bring Seamus up, another 5 or so minutes later we see them pushing a crib down the hall. We had to almost run to catch up to it they were going quite fast! Seamus was sitting up in the crib, very drowsy and one of the nurses was holding his back up. The instant he saw us he started bawling, and I had to hold him for 15minutes before he stopped. His normal ped came and and looked at him and said "Yay!" when she found out that they took out his tonsils.

The ENT/Surgon said that if Seamus slept then we could probably have gone home Wednesday. The little booger wouldn't sleep. I was running off just 2-3 hours and feeling like crap and was hoping he'd sleep so I could too. Hubby had to leave to go home and shower and go to work at noon, so I was by myself, puky, tired and caring for a sore and fever ridden baby, so not fun. My mom showed up at almost 5pm and walked around with Seamus for a few minutes then rocked him and that booger went right to sleep for her! Argh I was mad. We put him in the crib and told the nurse we were going to get some dinner in the cafeteria, Seamus was the only person on the Ped unit at the time so the nurse said ok(she was so nice to us and him the whole time). We went and ate, well I had a shake and some baked lays cause nothing else seemed to sound good and not make my tummy churn, then went and looked at the gift shop where my mom got him a stuffed froggy. We were gone for about an hour, and when we got back my mom was going to leave and I was going to sleep, the nurse said that he hadn't moved the whole time. Well when we get in there, guess whos eyes are half open looking at us. Argh mad again! It was almost medicine time though and I'm sure he was starting to hurt, he got his medicine and layed down with me for a little and watched TV. I had such a nasty headache by this point I was loosing any patience I had left. My husband who also had hardly any sleep left work at 9pm(instead of 1am like normal) and came to the hospital. We put Seamus in his bed at 10:30 after he got his medicine and he was out in about 10mintues.

Sleep wasn't easy. I had to get to sleep to get rid of the headache I had, and my husband, :(, went to sleep on the floor instead of seeing if they had a bed for him. I couldn't sleep, just off and on, awake every few minutes. Seamus slept for about 3 or so hours. Once the pain meds start to ware off he starts crying and getting cranky. He got more meds at 4:30am and after fighting with him(puking in the mean time) for over an hour and a half, I put a blanket on the floor for him to play with a truck that he got from the nurses. It was quite hard for him though, he wanted to stand so back but his IV was in his foot right around where it bends so they had a board on his leg. That was another fight with him, for him not to stand. Finally around 7:45 the ENT showed up and said that we could go home. The nurse had me order Seamus some food first to see if he could eat(all he'd had before was Jello just after surgery, and a couple Popsicle, juice, water and ice chips. The food took forever. I was going to get him eggs and a banana but they said their shipment of banana's hadn't come yet, so I just said eggs, there wasn't anything else on the menu that was soft. It took a half hour for it to come... It came with applesauce which was nice, I didn't order that for him because it wasn't on the menu so they must have added it for him. He ate about half his eggs and all the applesauce and half the little thing of milk. We got to leave at 9am. His poor foot was bleeding so bad when she took the IV out :(

The nurse said she'd call in his pain meds to Walmart for us, but they had just given him some before we left, so we didn't go pick them up right away. Before we even left Coeur d'Alene we had to get gas...Its freggin $3.29 there! (bout $0.10 or more here, just 8miles away). We got home around 9:30-9:45ish, and went straight to bed, shockingly Seamus didnt' fight or anything, went right out. We slept till around 12:30 then hubby went to Walmart to get Seamus' pain meds....They just got the order in! Argh that ticked me off. They told hubby that it wouldn't be ready till at least 2pm. Hubby leaves for work at 2pm. So he had to go pick it up at his lunch break at 7pm. I let Seamus sleep till 2:30 I know he needed it. Its so odd, how quite he sleeps now! I had normal Tylenol and gave him that, couldn't get his temp because he fought the butt and under arm, he had been running in the 99's at the hospital and they said to make sure it didt' go to 101 or higher.

Seamus was a hungry boy! He ate a little thing of jello, and a few hours later ate 2 chicken nuggets(they're soft and I cut them up), 2 hot dogs cut up, and little bit of cheese. Getting him to drink on the other had has been hard, he didnt' want milk after we got home, didnt' want much juice, I got him to drink alittle water, and he stole some of my powerade. By 6;30pm the kid was in pain again, screaming so bad it made him puke :*(. As soon as hubby showed up we got his meds in, and he went to bed just after 8pm. Hopefully he'll sleep good tonight.

I have some pictures I'll have to post later camera is in the car

Monday, September 22, 2008


I am so bad about this thing >.<

Well onto news. Sense I last updated we have moved back home to Idaho. We are living in Post Falls now (Usually in Coeur d'Alene but PF is closer to my husbands work). Its going good, we have a 2bd 1ba town house tri-plex. Were still catching up on bills from the move though.

My husband got his old job back at Kimball Office making office furniture. He makes $10.50 an hour plus $0.50/hr shift diff for working the 2:30pm-1am shift, so $11.00/hr nice. He will get a raise at the end of October and make something like $12.33/hr total or so, so that will be nice too.

On to other news. I had my IUD removed May 15th, 2008 after having it placed in September 2006. I bled from around the 17th-20 or 21st and that was it. I spotted ever so lightly only on tp in early July. So I went to the clinic on the Indian res, they ran some tests for thyroid and such, negative. So they said that it was pretty much PCOS like I've been told for years and that's why I always had odd cycles when no on Birth Control and why I haddent' had a peroid sense May. They also said that I wouldn't be able to get pregnant without medication and gave me a scrip for progesterone sense that's how I ended up pregnant with Seamus(The OB's forced me to have a peroid 61days after my m/c in 2005 with progesterone and I ended up pregnant with Seamus). I never got the script filled, we were going to fill it and use it in December....Well on August 17th for some odd reason I decide to take a test, I had a digital pregnancy test lying around from when my IUD was removed and I thought, "Its going to be a few months before we try, might as well waste this" Lo-and-behold it read "Pregnant" not what I though...I freaked! We got a $ store test and with in 30seconds of putting the pee on there there was a line...holy cow I'm pregnant.

Well it was confirmed(at 5weeks 1-2days at the ER) and as of today September 22nd I am 10 weeks 1-2days (depending on who I'm talking to lol)!!! Due April 19th, 2009.

Also we took Seamus into the ENT today for a hearing eval to see if that's whats causing his speech issues. Its not, they say he hears fine. He was also there for his snoring. Well his tonsils are huge, way larger then they should be, so hes having surgery on October 1st. Scary, I know its minor but with him only being 2yrs 2mo old its scary. They will be knocking him out and he goes for surgery at 7:15am and will be staying the night sense hes under 3yrs. Both tonsils and adenoids will be coming out, the ENT said he basically has Children's Sleep Apena. Hopefully this helps him sleeping and snoring.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'm leaving on a jet plane...

...But I know when I'll be back again. :-P
We are heading to the airport late tonight. We are going to leave town around 11pm drive 20miles and have dinner/early breakfast, then drive the 200 miles to the airport. Arrive around 4:30am and our flight leaves at 7am MST. We will fly from Denver to Seattle and have a layover of around 2hours then a 1hr flight to Spokane. We should arrive in Spokane at 11:30am PST!!!! I can't wait to be home!!
We come back on April Fool's day...kinda scary to be flying then, IMO...Our flight leaves Spokane around 3pm PST and this time we fly to Phoenix and have about a 2hr layover there then to Denver, we should arrive in Denver around 10:30pm MST.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!

I hope everyone that reads this had a good easter. Ours was ok. Seamus got good stuff, he got a Diego bucket filled with Lady Bug type eggs that had gummy snacks in them, 3 normal eggs filled with gold fishy's, a chocolate bunny and some suckers, from Grandpa and Grandma(My dad and stepmom) he got a puppy(PUPPO!! as he says) some "Puppy snacks," a bubble blower gun and a bubble lawn mower.

Heres some pictures

And Finally some pictures from my birthday (Ya i know im chunky)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

My birthday and all that Jazz

Well last night was fun. Kenneth and I went out to a local Steak House and had dinner and I had my first leagle drink, a strawberry margirita. Then we went and saw Horton Hears a Who, it was ok. After that we went to say "Hi" to Seamus and eat Cheese Cake with my dad and step mom, and then Kenneth and I went out to a little bar they all like, which I didn't, and I had my favorite rum, Malibu and coke. I love me some, Malibu but I normally have it with Pepsi...and wow its a ton better with coke...Shocking I know. So we went home and made some our selves.

Then at 2:30am this morning I hear the most horrid sound coming from the bathroom...Kenneth puking, he got a damn stomagh bug! >.< So he had to call into work today and we went to the doctor...with no insurance (Doesn't start till April 1st) and he got a shot and some pills, and he's been asleep all day...The dork, he fell asleep down stairs while the Home network was on, when they are remodeling houses, well I was yelling at Seamus and then Ken pops awake and says "Hey, Fridge, come here" Talking to Seamus though...what a dork :P

I will post pictures from my birthday when I get them uploaded here soon.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Blog

I had a blog here at one time, where it went I have no idea, its always had problems showing up when I log in so whatever heres my new blog. I will write more later 21st Birthday!!! WooT!!!!