Monday, August 31, 2009

Diaper bag giveaway!

How would you like a new diaper bag? I know I could really use one. How about winning one, well enter here Rodeo Drive Tote Diaper Bag from Amy Michelle and also check out CNN Mattress


Seamus started getting a rash yesterday(Sunday) and we weren't sure if it was heat rash or something else. We first noticed it around 2pm it was small just around his shoulder/neck(where they meet), I then notice it spread down his chest a little and under his neck and slowly to the back of his neck. We got him some cool drinks and a cool room and it didn't go away, so off to the doctors we went. Hes got Roseola. It will go away on its own but we need to watch Kieran now, and subconsciously I'm itching even though hes not...uggg

Keep It Spicy!

You know everyone needs alittle spicing up once and a while. How would you like to win a $50gc to eden fantasys? If you would then enter here Keeping It Spicy Kick-Off With Eden Fantasys ends 9/1

ShooShoos Baby Shoes

These are adorable shoes, soft soled and rubber soled(even big enough for Seamus' size 8 foot). If you would like to win a pair enter ShooShoos Baby Shoes Giveaway also give shooshoos a visit, they have adorable shoes!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thirsties Duo Giveaway

I love this cover, I have one and its great. How would you like to win one? If so enter here at Thirsties Duo Wrap Review & Giveaway (9/3)

Whamies OS giveaway

Would you love to try a Whamies diaper, The Cloth Diaper Report is having a giveaway. 2 winners will win, "ONE diaper in the S-hook and ONE in the snap closure."
To enter visit: Wahmies One Size Diaper Review and 2 Winner Giveaway (9/9)

BumJoy Review and Giveaway!

Would you like to try a BumJoy CD? If so head over to Moma to the Littlest love bug and enter to win one in the color of your choice. To enter visit: BumJoy Review and Giveaway!
Also visit BumJoy and take a look at their Diapers!

Wanna win a Laptop?`

If your answer is yes then check out this Acer Aspire laptop that Scrutiny by the Masses is giving away. Click here for the Acer Giveaway (Ends August 31st)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Time Flies

I've been married for almost 3yrs! Holy cow. And people told him to not marry me because we'd never make it, well we've been together for 4.5yrs and married for almost I think we're doing just fine. Sure sure we fight just like anyother couple but we are generally happy together and have so many shared interests its easy to get along even through all the stuff lifes thrown at us(money issues, unexpectedly getting pregnant at 18, the bad economy, etc). I love my hubby. Stay tuned for some wedding pictures, I'll post them on Monday night! (maybe even some I've never shared before!!)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

3yrs ago...

This is my little booger 3yrs ago this week, I can't believe how fast the time has gone!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Diapers Galore!

I'm so addicted to looking at cloth diapers now! But I'm happy that our Miracle Diapers were shipped today and according to fedEx's site they should be here on September 1st...our 3yr wedding anniversary!! We are getting 12 Blueberry AIO's, 2 covers and 6 wipes, I can't wait!!

Fuzzi Bunz One Size diaper giveaway

Would you like to try a Fuzzi Bunz? I know I would. Well Dirty Diaper Laundry is giving one away. To Enter visit: Fuzzibunz One Size Review and Giveaway


Does your kid love Backyardigans? I know Seamus does, Pablo especially. Right now he only has a Nick Jr. dvd with a couple shows on it since we can't afford cable tv, and hes always wanting to watch Backyardigans. Would you like to win a copy? If so stop by Minnesota Mama Must Haves: Backyardigans Singing Sensation DVD Review & Giveaway!

Dyson Vacuum

The mother of all vacuums! I've dreamed about this vacuum....well not really but it would be awesome to have. Want a chance to get one? Stop by My Organized Chaos for your chance to win it!
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Enter to win a Happy Heiny OS diaper
WeeCare Diaper Company Review and Giveaway Ends Sept 22, 2009

My website

I'm trying to get my web site up and running...well my husband is. He needs me to make a couple more samples of cards-inventions, announcements, etc. I'm looking for pictures to use, if you have any (baby, toddler, etc) that I could use please let me know asap.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Dittany Baby

Beautiful nursing covers and skid pants. How would you like to win? If you'd like to enter visit: Dittany Baby Nursing Cover And SkidPants Review And Giveaway
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Crazy Forts!!!

Seamus would love love love this! Its a fort that you can change up to be what you want! You want to win one? Enter here : Home > Giveaways, Toys > Have a Crazy Time with Crazy Forts! GIVEAWAY!
Have a Crazy Time with Crazy Forts! GIVEAWAY!

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Sophie's Chic Boutique

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SimpleSave Back-up solution

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Fluff Friday: bumGenius

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HP photosmart Premium Printer

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Monster Cloth diaper giveaway!

A huge cloth diaper give away, in total worth over $200!!
If you would like to enter to win some then give RockerByeBaby a visit!!
To enter visit Mother of all CD Giveaways!

Kieran showing off

Showing off her fluffy butt!

We were very blessed and got a shipment of diapers from a lady that I met on JustMommies. We got a ton of fitteds(some she even made herself!) and some pocket diapers and a couple preflats(and a bunch of covers and a pair of wool longies)! They are awesome!! Also another lady on JM sent us an awesome Thirsties Duo cover!! I also won my first Blog Giveaway last Monday and hope to get the diaper in the mail soon(Poverty.Jane diaper, wipe and wool cover!). To top it all off we got approved for Miracle Diapers, we sent our payment in Thursday Afternoon and I'm hoping our package was on the shipment that went out Saturday, but I haven't herd from my chapter manager so I dont know whats up.

Also I want to thank another mommy off JustMommies she sent us a bunch of disposables! We are using them when we go out right now cause I'm still alittle afraid to do cloth when we go out!

Charlies Soap

Do you Cloth Diaper? Would you like to try some Charlies Soap? Would you like to win some? If your answers are Yes then stop by The Cloth Diaper Report and enter the Charlies Soap giveaway!

Charlies Soap Give Away at TCDR

Fuzzi Bunz One Size diaper giveaway

How would you like to own 3 new Fuzzi Bunz OS diapers? Well stop by Doctormkari to enter for your chance
Fuzzi Bunz Giveaway at Doctormkari

Monday, August 17, 2009

Baby Half Off

GO check them out!!

My Sweet Punkin Patch Review and Giveaway!

Moma to the littlest lovebug Blog and My Sweet Punkin Patch are giving away a sling or 2 AIO diapers.
Check it out here

And visit My Sweet Punkin Patch too!

Awesome blog give Aways 8/17/09

I'm gonna try to update giveaways here every day if theres some avabile most are children related(with two of my own of course that makes sense lol) some will be for us big people.

Here we go :D

From Organic Girl

Wee Squeak Review and Giveaway Ends Sept 16, 2009

Monkey Legs Giveaway - 2 Winners get 2 pairs of Monkey Legs Ends September 4, 2009

Trendy Tummy Maternity Giveaway - Ends August 20, 2009

BePe Baby Giveaway - Ends August 24, 2009

babybellies Giveaway - Ends August 31, 2009

Chick Pea Children's Boutique $40 Gift Certificate Giveway - August 31, 2009

Koa Clothing T-Shirt Giveway Ends August 31 2009

The Cloth Diaper Whisperer
Fluff Fridays
3 Fuzzi Bunz OS with inserts

Natural Mommie

Earth Mama Angel Baby Gift Basket


B Warmer Hoodie and Nursing Singlet Tank Top

Cleaning Kit from Mrs. Meyer's

My Mom's View
Accent Furniture Direct $30 GC

If I find more I will post a new post :D

Thursday, August 13, 2009


So the time has come that I'm taking the plunge...well that and money issues. We are slowly switching to cloth diapering(well right now fully CDing in the day and using my couple disposables at night). I'm tired of spending money every 4-5days on disposables and the fact that once she moves up to size 2's we will get less diapers and buy them even more often(shes a pooper!)
So far I have a Bummis Cover(frog pond one) that we got on a wonderful awesome deal....$2.99 at a childrens resale store, as well as a Snappi(blue but ohwell) for $0.99! And the wonderful owner at our local mom store gave us a Green Snappi free, because my husband was going to use our Secured Card from our bank to by it and she said dont' worry about it! It was a good day. As well as a couple ladies from my favorite mommy site, JustMommies, offered to help. One gal is sending us some disposables that her son out grew, another is sending us a small stash of cloth and one other gal said she is sending us a cover. It helps tremendously after our bank accnt went negative last Thursday so that was less money we could pay for rent(haha its almost the 14th and we still haven't paid all of rent, we will Friday the 14th though) and we are supposed to pay some of the negative credit card balance on my husbands damn card that over drew our bank account(they didnt' take the payment the day they said they would so when they did not all the money was there). Also the ladies on JM reconmended a website for diapers called Diaper Swappers. I've been checking it out learning about different kinds of diapers. They have a section Free for Shipping, you get that item free just pay shipping, well in that section theres a lotto part, I won one and will be getting 2 fitteds and a pair of longies for $3.50. I'm so happy right now! Even when things seem like they suck to all heck it will turn around sooner or later!

I'm also making some prefolds for Kieran. So far I have 2.5ish, one sewn by hand, not the best thing ever, 1 by machine, it worked great, and one that is almost done also by machine.

Heres my first machine one

Long time no post

I promise to start posting again, I promise to start posting again..I've had a baby since my last post, shes now 4months old! O.o...Off to find a new background for the blog