Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Been a tad MIA

This last week has been a little hectic, err well just the weekend really. I feel so thrown off still. Wedensday we went to my mom's to pickup her van. Why you may ask? Because she can't drive it for a couple weeks...again why? She had to have a hysterectomy Thursday morning(I have the van so I can drive her around or get her in the day while hubby is working if needed since we only have one car for now). She's been having some problems for just over a year now so this was something that we kind of knew would be coming, and its good that its done now. She went in for surgery Thursday morning and found out Thursday evening when the doc finally came to talk to her that they accidentally cut her bladder. Since they cut her bladder she has to have a catheter in until this coming Thursday (hopefully its healed enough to remove then). Mom was released Friday night and Kieran and I went to stay with her. I stayed with her until late Saturday night because she's not supposed to be doing much (shes got a dog and cat that need taken care of too) and shes lonely by herself.

Friday morning we also had Seamus' evaluation to see how he is. I'm so happy to say hes finally on track with his developments, averaging 65% (they were between 65-66%) on his gross motor skills. He did fail his hearing because he wouldn't cooperate with the lady, and they are wanting to keep an eye on his speech and want him re-evaluated. I'm going to pass on redoing the hearing because he's been tested quite a big and we know he can hear just fine, for the speech we will be talking with his pedi in a couple weeks. The 1 problem they all had with him...he wouldn't listen, got off track and didn't cooperate with the, the same issues we have at home. If we aren't in Nebraska he has an appointment on February 8th with his pedi to talk about his behavior and how its slowly getting worse, and about how his speech is declining. Kieran's Early Headstart FC (Seamus' old one too but he aged out of the program at 3) said that they had a speaker at the office a couple weeks back, and the lady was talking about her son. Our FC said the speakers son sounded just like Seamus, the speakers son has ADHD and Bipolar disorder. Both of those issues are very likely, Bipolar slightly more as it seems to run in hubbys family (His grandma, mom, him and brother all have it...its partially why he's up here and all his family is in Texas), and ADHD is in both of our families. From what my mom has told me there is a fine line between Bipolar and ADHD and something around 85% of people with ADHD also have Bipolar. We will be talking with his doctor about getting him tested for these. If we can find an answer I think it will help us all out.

Last Monday (12th) we had Kieran's 9 month appointment. She's doing well, still small in the 20-25% for weight and height at 17lbs 12oz and 26½" long. She's on track with all her milestones and seems to be doing great. The doc said to just skip the baby purees since she refuses to eat them and let her have big people food if thats what she wants.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


The winner of my first review & giveaway is Cindy #18! Congrats!

Winner has been emailed and has 48hrs to respond or another winner will be chosen.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: 9mo and 3.5yrs

Seamus will be 3.5yrs on the 18th, and Kieran turned 9mo on the 8th. These were taken at JC Penney on 1/9

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Birthday

Today my husband turns 26. I keep giving him a bunch of crap about only having 4yrs till hes 30, and that he's old now. I mean, geeze, hes been starting to gray since he was 22, when I found the first gray one he said I was lying, now he listens to me. I think its cute, its flecked above his ears mostly, though I did find one in an eye brow a couple months back :P. Its not a lot, his dad doesn't have much gray but its also above his ears so I think hubby will be the same way. It's weird to believe that I've knowing him for over 5yrs now, we met while he was still 20 a couple months before 21, and now here he is 26, and still as cute as ever. I love him
Happy Birthday love.

(From July 09, Seamus 3rd bday)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

9 Months old (well on Friday 1/8)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion: Review and Giveaway

Skin MD approached me a little bit ago about doing a review on Skin MD Natural and I jumped at the chance. Here is my review (and a giveaway!) of this great lotion!

With the winter weather I usually get really dry hands and elbows. I haven't been able to find a lotion in years that helps with this. Recently I was sent a bottle of Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion. The first thing I did when I got the bottle was smell it, not over whelming and no strong scents, loved that. Next I put some on my dry cracked elbow, I noticed right away that it didn't feel think or greasy like some other lotions, and it went on smooth with very little needed. I started using it every few hours like suggested on the bottle, with in 2 days I noticed a huge difference in my elbow. I also loved how soft and moisturized my hands felt afterwords, for hours. I've been using it once a day now, right before bed, and I wake up with nice soft hands, arms and elbows. One of the other things that I love about this is the statement, "A little goes a long way," is certainly true, you don't need very much of it to do the job and do it well.

My lovely Elbow Before Skin MD

My Elbow After

Skin MD Natural is a Shielding lotion, that hydrates and helps to keep the skins natural moisture.

* No animal products or testing
* Dermatology tested
* Fragrance and colorant free
* Hypoallergenic
* Paraben free
* Non-comedogenic

I really enjoyed this product. It was easy to use, didn't irritate my skin or my daughters if I touched her right after, actually I even let my 3 year old son use some and he loved it.

Skin MD offers a Sample online here
Or you can buy some for yourself(or as a gift :D) take a look at the store locator to see where its offered at close to you.


Or you can Win one! Skin MD Natural has offered to give one of Silent Storm's readers a full sized (4oz) bottle of Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion

To enter please do the mandatory entry before any others for your entry(s) to count. Also leave a comment for each extra entry you do. NO need to be a blogger to enter, anyone can :) Remember to also leave an email address either in "blank dot gmail dot com" or "blank(@)gmail.com" format so I can contact you if you win (or have public on blogger profile) if I don't have a way to contact you, you can't win.

Go to Skin MD's site and tell me something you learned about their products

Extra entries:

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(US only)

This giveaway will end, Friday January 15th, at 11:59pm PST. To choose the winner I will enter all the eligible entries into Random.org and match the number it gives me to the coordinating number here.

*Disclosure* I was sent a bottle and a couple sample packets of Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion from Skin MD to test and review. The review is my own and my honest opinion of the product.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Extra Entry

I will be putting my first review/giveaway up either late tomorrow(Monday) or the day after(Tues.) but I'm an entry short, I don't have a blog button. So for an extra entry into my giveaway make a button for my blog :D Each person that emails me a button will get an extra entry, the winning one(will have hubby help decide) will get 2 extra entries! Please have them emailed to me j.mcdilda(@)gmail.com by 9pm PST Monday (1/4).

Little about the blog, I'm a mommy to two kids ages 3.5 and 9mo. The name Silent Storm originally came about because I liked it, but now I realize that sums up my life...er well my son. He is my Silent Storm, if you turn your back for a second its like a tornado went through the house. So the blog "Silent Storm" is essentially about my life and how quickly and silently things can change.