Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Birthday

Today my husband turns 26. I keep giving him a bunch of crap about only having 4yrs till hes 30, and that he's old now. I mean, geeze, hes been starting to gray since he was 22, when I found the first gray one he said I was lying, now he listens to me. I think its cute, its flecked above his ears mostly, though I did find one in an eye brow a couple months back :P. Its not a lot, his dad doesn't have much gray but its also above his ears so I think hubby will be the same way. It's weird to believe that I've knowing him for over 5yrs now, we met while he was still 20 a couple months before 21, and now here he is 26, and still as cute as ever. I love him
Happy Birthday love.

(From July 09, Seamus 3rd bday)

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