Monday, October 21, 2013

Finding Family

The last few years of dealing with medical things has been met with ups and downs. One of the biggest pieces to the puzzle we are still struggling with to this day. My Nana was adopted, we have her original birth certificate and know her biological parents names. My mom wrote to the adoption agency (its one of the largest, Children's Home Society, and still around) and all they would give us is 'non discript' information on my Nana's biological family. Thankfully we have the original birth certificate, and the information the agency did provide let us know how many siblings that the bio parents had, and that my Nana's maternal grandma died at only 47 of a broken hip.

We are 99.9% sure we found my Nana's bio dad's family on I've even emailed who we assume to be the niece of my 'greatgrandpa' and she said she' would look for more information...that was over a year ago now. We found out that my Nana's biological father had two other children the first born 12 years after my Nana was born. My mom found an old address for one of the children and wrote a letter...that was over a year ago and no reply. We are now at a dead end with this side of the family.

On my Nana's bio mothers side we haven't gotten anywhere, it seems her biological mother's name may not be accurate on the birth certificate. The last couple years spent digging on has turned up nothing. We do know that 'greatgrandma' had 4 older brothers and one younger sister, and that her mother died at age 47. According to the birth certificate my Nana's bio mom was 24 years old in 1934, putting her born around 1910 and it says she was born in Nebraska. We also know that Nana's bio mom had one child born before Nana. Nana has siblings out there still, from what we've seen the two her bio dad had years later are still alive as there are no death certificates on (like there is for my Nana).

We really want to get into contact with this side of the family to figure out more about my medical issues. I'm taking to my blog, and hoping that I can get the word spread. We are looking for any relatives of my Nana.

Some pictures of my Nana