Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Birthday my baby girl!

3 years ago today my sweet, silly, goofy, smart baby girl was born. Super bittersweet. Shes no longer a toddler she's now a preschooler (gah, she'll be starting preschool in September! o.O)!! I can't believe how fast these last 3years have gone. She's a super huge goof ball, she loves to cuddle and read to us, she loves writing "O's", drawing stick people, she can identify 22/26 letters, she recognizes #'s 2, 3 & 5, and knows her basic colors except green and blue which she mixes up frequently. She's in love with her older brother and wants to be like him very much, so when he's at school she'll practice writing 'letters' (how she learned O's and stick people) to be like "Shay." She's obsessed with the color pink, and can be a huge Diva, sometimes telling us her name is Princess not Kieran. Lover that baby goofball Kiwi <3

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Gone, its all gone

All my pictuers are gone. Stupidly, not knowing that it would screw things up, I deleted some picture files from my Samsung Galaxy S II I realize how stupid that was cause take a look around my blog posts all my photos are gone and cant' come back. All my pictures from blog reviews, personal things all of it are gone from the last 4+yrs that my blog's been around. I'm beyond upset that Google/Android doesn't have a notification in place stating that if you delete pictures they will delete from the blog too, I didn't even know it had synced my blog/Picasa pictures to my phone, I was just cleaning up photos cause I hate it being over crowded. Some of the pictures are gone for good, like I said all the review/giveaway photo's are gone I don't have any copies of them since my hard drive died last year, and some personal ones, as well, are gone again due to the hard drive failure.

Google, please make a notification when people go to delete thing off their phones like that. Or don't automatically sync Picasa albums with Android phones. Please.