Saturday, April 7, 2012

Gone, its all gone

All my pictuers are gone. Stupidly, not knowing that it would screw things up, I deleted some picture files from my Samsung Galaxy S II I realize how stupid that was cause take a look around my blog posts all my photos are gone and cant' come back. All my pictures from blog reviews, personal things all of it are gone from the last 4+yrs that my blog's been around. I'm beyond upset that Google/Android doesn't have a notification in place stating that if you delete pictures they will delete from the blog too, I didn't even know it had synced my blog/Picasa pictures to my phone, I was just cleaning up photos cause I hate it being over crowded. Some of the pictures are gone for good, like I said all the review/giveaway photo's are gone I don't have any copies of them since my hard drive died last year, and some personal ones, as well, are gone again due to the hard drive failure.

Google, please make a notification when people go to delete thing off their phones like that. Or don't automatically sync Picasa albums with Android phones. Please.

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