Sunday, January 3, 2010

Extra Entry

I will be putting my first review/giveaway up either late tomorrow(Monday) or the day after(Tues.) but I'm an entry short, I don't have a blog button. So for an extra entry into my giveaway make a button for my blog :D Each person that emails me a button will get an extra entry, the winning one(will have hubby help decide) will get 2 extra entries! Please have them emailed to me j.mcdilda(@) by 9pm PST Monday (1/4).

Little about the blog, I'm a mommy to two kids ages 3.5 and 9mo. The name Silent Storm originally came about because I liked it, but now I realize that sums up my well my son. He is my Silent Storm, if you turn your back for a second its like a tornado went through the house. So the blog "Silent Storm" is essentially about my life and how quickly and silently things can change.

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