Monday, August 24, 2009

Kieran showing off

Showing off her fluffy butt!

We were very blessed and got a shipment of diapers from a lady that I met on JustMommies. We got a ton of fitteds(some she even made herself!) and some pocket diapers and a couple preflats(and a bunch of covers and a pair of wool longies)! They are awesome!! Also another lady on JM sent us an awesome Thirsties Duo cover!! I also won my first Blog Giveaway last Monday and hope to get the diaper in the mail soon(Poverty.Jane diaper, wipe and wool cover!). To top it all off we got approved for Miracle Diapers, we sent our payment in Thursday Afternoon and I'm hoping our package was on the shipment that went out Saturday, but I haven't herd from my chapter manager so I dont know whats up.

Also I want to thank another mommy off JustMommies she sent us a bunch of disposables! We are using them when we go out right now cause I'm still alittle afraid to do cloth when we go out!

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