Thursday, August 13, 2009


So the time has come that I'm taking the plunge...well that and money issues. We are slowly switching to cloth diapering(well right now fully CDing in the day and using my couple disposables at night). I'm tired of spending money every 4-5days on disposables and the fact that once she moves up to size 2's we will get less diapers and buy them even more often(shes a pooper!)
So far I have a Bummis Cover(frog pond one) that we got on a wonderful awesome deal....$2.99 at a childrens resale store, as well as a Snappi(blue but ohwell) for $0.99! And the wonderful owner at our local mom store gave us a Green Snappi free, because my husband was going to use our Secured Card from our bank to by it and she said dont' worry about it! It was a good day. As well as a couple ladies from my favorite mommy site, JustMommies, offered to help. One gal is sending us some disposables that her son out grew, another is sending us a small stash of cloth and one other gal said she is sending us a cover. It helps tremendously after our bank accnt went negative last Thursday so that was less money we could pay for rent(haha its almost the 14th and we still haven't paid all of rent, we will Friday the 14th though) and we are supposed to pay some of the negative credit card balance on my husbands damn card that over drew our bank account(they didnt' take the payment the day they said they would so when they did not all the money was there). Also the ladies on JM reconmended a website for diapers called Diaper Swappers. I've been checking it out learning about different kinds of diapers. They have a section Free for Shipping, you get that item free just pay shipping, well in that section theres a lotto part, I won one and will be getting 2 fitteds and a pair of longies for $3.50. I'm so happy right now! Even when things seem like they suck to all heck it will turn around sooner or later!

I'm also making some prefolds for Kieran. So far I have 2.5ish, one sewn by hand, not the best thing ever, 1 by machine, it worked great, and one that is almost done also by machine.

Heres my first machine one

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  1. Welcome to the CDing world! Once you get sucked in there is just no going back! I have been addicted for 3 years! Haha! Your dipe looks great too! Very cute!