Friday, November 14, 2008

Gestational Diabetes

Fun times again. I took my Gestational Diabetes test last Friday (11/7), and called my Ob's on Tuesday. I failed it, 150 for my 1hr, I can't remember if my offices wants it under 130 for pregnacy or 120. I know 120 and under is normal for a non pregnant person though. The nurse I was talking to I had to "argue" with not really argue with but she was trying to tell me I had to take my 3hr next. I dont have to take the 3hr and I refuse to. The OB that I've seen sense I was 15 told me I didn't need to take the 3hr if I failed the 1hr sense I was on insulin with Seamus. Of course the OB that I've seen the longest in the practice wasnt' there Wed or Tuesday so the nurse said that she'd have one of the other doc's look at my chart. We have to see all 3 Ob's in the office sense they dont' know who will deliver. The Ob that I've seen sense I was 15 said most likely they'd watch my sugars for a week and then into Insulin(told me this around 10weeks preggo). I have my gender u/s on the 21st with Dr. P(the one I've seen the longest) and I will talk to him then sense I havent' gotten a call back from the office yet.

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