Thursday, March 20, 2008

My birthday and all that Jazz

Well last night was fun. Kenneth and I went out to a local Steak House and had dinner and I had my first leagle drink, a strawberry margirita. Then we went and saw Horton Hears a Who, it was ok. After that we went to say "Hi" to Seamus and eat Cheese Cake with my dad and step mom, and then Kenneth and I went out to a little bar they all like, which I didn't, and I had my favorite rum, Malibu and coke. I love me some, Malibu but I normally have it with Pepsi...and wow its a ton better with coke...Shocking I know. So we went home and made some our selves.

Then at 2:30am this morning I hear the most horrid sound coming from the bathroom...Kenneth puking, he got a damn stomagh bug! >.< So he had to call into work today and we went to the doctor...with no insurance (Doesn't start till April 1st) and he got a shot and some pills, and he's been asleep all day...The dork, he fell asleep down stairs while the Home network was on, when they are remodeling houses, well I was yelling at Seamus and then Ken pops awake and says "Hey, Fridge, come here" Talking to Seamus though...what a dork :P

I will post pictures from my birthday when I get them uploaded here soon.

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  1. Happy Birthday!!!!! Hope you got drunk enough for us both! ;)