Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'm leaving on a jet plane...

...But I know when I'll be back again. :-P
We are heading to the airport late tonight. We are going to leave town around 11pm drive 20miles and have dinner/early breakfast, then drive the 200 miles to the airport. Arrive around 4:30am and our flight leaves at 7am MST. We will fly from Denver to Seattle and have a layover of around 2hours then a 1hr flight to Spokane. We should arrive in Spokane at 11:30am PST!!!! I can't wait to be home!!
We come back on April Fool's day...kinda scary to be flying then, IMO...Our flight leaves Spokane around 3pm PST and this time we fly to Phoenix and have about a 2hr layover there then to Denver, we should arrive in Denver around 10:30pm MST.

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