Monday, September 22, 2008


I am so bad about this thing >.<

Well onto news. Sense I last updated we have moved back home to Idaho. We are living in Post Falls now (Usually in Coeur d'Alene but PF is closer to my husbands work). Its going good, we have a 2bd 1ba town house tri-plex. Were still catching up on bills from the move though.

My husband got his old job back at Kimball Office making office furniture. He makes $10.50 an hour plus $0.50/hr shift diff for working the 2:30pm-1am shift, so $11.00/hr nice. He will get a raise at the end of October and make something like $12.33/hr total or so, so that will be nice too.

On to other news. I had my IUD removed May 15th, 2008 after having it placed in September 2006. I bled from around the 17th-20 or 21st and that was it. I spotted ever so lightly only on tp in early July. So I went to the clinic on the Indian res, they ran some tests for thyroid and such, negative. So they said that it was pretty much PCOS like I've been told for years and that's why I always had odd cycles when no on Birth Control and why I haddent' had a peroid sense May. They also said that I wouldn't be able to get pregnant without medication and gave me a scrip for progesterone sense that's how I ended up pregnant with Seamus(The OB's forced me to have a peroid 61days after my m/c in 2005 with progesterone and I ended up pregnant with Seamus). I never got the script filled, we were going to fill it and use it in December....Well on August 17th for some odd reason I decide to take a test, I had a digital pregnancy test lying around from when my IUD was removed and I thought, "Its going to be a few months before we try, might as well waste this" Lo-and-behold it read "Pregnant" not what I though...I freaked! We got a $ store test and with in 30seconds of putting the pee on there there was a line...holy cow I'm pregnant.

Well it was confirmed(at 5weeks 1-2days at the ER) and as of today September 22nd I am 10 weeks 1-2days (depending on who I'm talking to lol)!!! Due April 19th, 2009.

Also we took Seamus into the ENT today for a hearing eval to see if that's whats causing his speech issues. Its not, they say he hears fine. He was also there for his snoring. Well his tonsils are huge, way larger then they should be, so hes having surgery on October 1st. Scary, I know its minor but with him only being 2yrs 2mo old its scary. They will be knocking him out and he goes for surgery at 7:15am and will be staying the night sense hes under 3yrs. Both tonsils and adenoids will be coming out, the ENT said he basically has Children's Sleep Apena. Hopefully this helps him sleeping and snoring.

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  1. Just found your blog! It looks lonely so I thought I should spice it up with a comment (plus hoping if you knew people were reading it you would post more) *hint hint*