Monday, October 6, 2008

Going to rip out my hair

I dont know whats wrong with him. He slept so good Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. But Last night and tonight he wakes up ever 1-1½ screaming. Saturday he only had his pain meds once. Sunday didn't have any till bed. Today I never gave it to him just some infant Tylenol twice. Just a few minutes ago he woke up screaming, second time sense he went to bed at just after 8pm, (its 11:25pm now) and he was pointing at his mouth, saying "Mouth" I couldn't get anything else out of him except "elmo" and he tried to go down the stairs. I dont know what is going on. But its getting stressful. He had a short little nap today from 1:40-3pm hasn't done that sense we got home from the hospital Thursday, and before that it'd been 2weeks sense he'd last napped.

I dont know if something is wrong with him or its pain or what. Last night we gave him his pain meds every 4hrs while sleeping hoping it would help to keep him asleep but it didn't. And tonight I gave him tylenol just after 8pm before bed so he can't have any pain meds for almost another hour.

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