Thursday, January 8, 2009

What the frig

I've felt like crap all week. Tuesday waking up puking, tired and not able to eat. I had an OB appt they were worried about preterm labor, I wasnt. The fFN test came back negative like I figured, but she said my urine looked like a bladder infection but not so they sent it to the lab...not exactaly sure what that ment.

I'm tired of feeling dizzy no matter what, she told me to check my blood sugars when I get dizzy, usually its a sign of them being too low, nope they've been fine normally 103-116 so its not that. My computer is on the ground so I'm laying down most the day and I feel like I'm going to pass out, I get so dizzy every thing spins and I can't see for a few seconds, I feel like I will fall over but obviously I can't sense I'm already laying down.

To top it off Seamus has a tummy bug and diarrhea.
And my husband informs me that he will be working 5days a week 10hours a day till at least the first week of February, I dont need that when I can barley take care of my self right now.

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  1. Did they happen to check your ears? I know that sounds funny but I know many women who end up dizzy while pregnant due to an ear infection. So I just thought I would through that out there? Is your Blood pressure ok? (if its low you could be dizzy, or if your not drinking enough water you could be also). Hope you feel better soon.