Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 14th, 2006

On this day(though it was a Friday), July 14th, 20006, I was 39weeks 2days(or 3) pregnant with Seamus. I had one of my weekly u/s's to watch my fluid levels and his size. I was also miserable, nevermind it was mid July and in the 100's, I was still constantly having nasty headaches and seeing stars all the time. I thought this u/s would be no different then my other weekly ones. When I got back to my room one of my OB's came in(at the time I saw 2 different once cause either could end up delivering(now it's 3)) and said that we were going to have a baby! He told me the u/s showed Seamus as being 8lbs 15oz and that he needed to come out asap, and that because my BP and headaches hadn't gotten better it was best to do an induction(but I wouldn't have been allowed to go past 40 weeks anyway cause of the GD). My OB had one of the secretary's call the hospital hoping to get me in soon. The soonest they had was Monday night, July 17th, so it was set. Weird to believe that just 4 days after this appointment my 'TINY' little 7lb 9oz boy was born!

Appx, 15weeks pregnant, while in the ER in Texas

Around 20weeks

(had others but not sure if we have them here or in Nebraska still. I'll have to look)

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  1. I love these pictures. Can't believe he's 4. Love the new header by the way.