Thursday, January 27, 2011

Been on a Hiatus

Sorry for the lack of posts since December. Seamus had a break from school, for the winter holidays and it hit us really hard. We had a lot of break downs and behavioral issues. We ended up stopping the brushing technique because it became too much of a fight. Some times he would asked to be brushed others I had to make him. Our OT said that it would cause him to regress on some behaviors but only for 2 weeks, after a month of it we couldn't take it any more. So now we're back to square 1 trying to find something else, hopefully the listening therapy but he doesn't like wearing the headphones so I'm not sure.

Other news about Seamus, we had a follow up at the Eye Specialist a few weeks ago, where we thought we would get to stop doing the dilating drops, but nope. The eye doctor (a new one, the main one in the office, since the old one left)didn't see enough of an improvement to let us stop. He has to continue the drops till April, then we will see the specialist again and decide from there whether or not to do the surgery on his eye.

Miss Kieran started Speech back in December. Her's is pretty delayed, only saying around 10 words and most are the same word just slightly said different. She sees the same speech therapist Seamus does so that's nice. Early Headstart has been worried with her hearing even though her receptive language (on the ST's test) was through the roof, so they kept testing her with the ear test that goes in the ear, which she failed multiple times since she pulls it out. I asked our pedi for a referral to the ENT (same one Seamus went to for his tonsil and adenoid surgery) to get tested in the sound booth. I'm glad that I got that referral. I found out on Saturday, when I took her to the pedi for a different reason, that she STILL has fluid on her left ear, its been months now that its been there. I'm actually quite irritated the doctors haven't done anything sooner when I kept asking about it. The doc I saw Saturday (in the office there's quite a few pedi's and NP's, when you do a "walk in" or same day appt, you see whoever is available, normally not our usual pedi.) said the ENT will most likely tube the ear, something I asked about in November to a different doc and he told me no <_<. The doc on Saturday told me that the fluid is probably the reason her speech is so bad, if its been there this long she's most likely not hearing out of that ear so its causing her to not hear words correctly. We have our ENT appt on Monday the 31st, so I'll find out more then. I kind of have to laugh though, Seamus was 2yrs 2mo old when he went to the ENT for his snoring and sleep apena, Kieran will be 22mo when she goes, pretty close to the same age, and if she gets surgery on the ear then again pretty close to the same age, lol.

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  1. Welcome back. I hope all the kiddo stuff gets figured out soon.