Friday, October 12, 2012

E.L.F. haul and Mystery Bag!

So this whole makeup game is pretty new to me...yes I'm almost 26 years old and just now getting into the makeup scene ;) I've normally just stuck with the basic eyeliner, mascara and sometimes powder. But the last few months I've decided to start being more adventurous with makeup and start wearing it more then a hand full of times a year. I discovered E.L.F, Eyes Lips Face, at Target one day and was very happy to see it was in my price range. Everything was between $1-10 so that was pretty nice. I fell in love with their Clarifying powder, covered up all my blemishes and stupid adult acne pretty nicely. Last month E.L.F had one of their Mystery Bag promotions that if you bought $20 worth of products you would get $20 Mystery Bag free. I was super excited and jumped on it. Sooooo here is what I bought....

I bought 3 Clarifying Powders in Light Beige, 2 lipsticks in Charming, an eye widening eye liner and a Brightening Eye Liner in coffee, an eye brow brush, eye brow stencils for shaping, eyelash curler, zit zapper, Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 in Rosy Beige,  a pressed powder in Caramel, duo eyeshadow in olive and two nail polishes one in Mint Creme and the other Royal Purple.

Not everything I bought was for me, my mom's 44th birthday is on November 1st so some of this is for her birthday present (one clarifying powder, a lipstick, the coffee eye liner, and the eye shadow). Everything I bought was only $1 except for the pressed powder which was $3 and the nail polishes were $2/ea.

Now for the Mystery Bag!.....

I was pretty happy with my Mystery Bag. In the bag I got a pair of false lashes $1 (can't wear due to my glasses though), a nail polish in pearl $2, a Flat Eye Liner Brush that is from their Mineral Line and is $5, Studio Lip Liner & Blending Brush in Fuchsia $3, a smoothing lip balm in Blackberry Crème $1, lotion wipes in sweet mango $3, a mineral eye shadow in smoldering $3, and shimmer sheets in bronze $3...mystery bag total of $21! I love everything in the bag, especially the smoothing lip balm! The only things I can't make use of are the false lashes due to my glasses and the shimmer sheets because they are too dark for my skin tone, but I love everything else.

Check out E.L.F. and their awesome products! You can find them online and I've also found them at my local Walgreens and Target and I've heard some dollar stores carry it!

And stay tuned....I may just have a giveaway (self sponsored) up my sleeves!

Disclaimer: I bought these products with my own money, this is not a sponsored post. These views are 100% my own.

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