Friday, November 30, 2012

Dino Lingo Video

Influenster asked if I wanted to review a video clip about language learning programs for kids, and I figured why not?! So Kieran and I sat down and watched a couple of the clips. I was amazed at how many different choices that Dino Lingo offers for languages. Dino Lingo had the 'normal' languages you see in children's learning programs like Spanish or French, but they also had Irish Gaelic, Japanese, Korean and many more! Kieran and I watched 3 of the clips, the French, Irish Gaelic and Spanish ones. She loved watching the little dinosaur and would giggle when she saw him. For me watching the Spanish one was easier to talk with her about since I knew what it was saying and how to say the words (lol), but I think that hearing and seeing the others was pretty awesome even for an adult. We really liked watching the clips, the nice thing is that they repeat the words multiple times and put the words on the screen, and its clearly spoken.

Here's a look at some of the video clips we watched, complementary from Dino Lingo and Influenster:
Irish Gaelic

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