Saturday, October 17, 2009

H1N1~Swine Flu has hit......home

I thought we could pass this up, I didn't think it would actually hit our house. I mean the kids stay home with me, I don't belong to any play groups(don't know of any in the area that don't cost), hubby is the only one that goes out every day and that's to work. Yes hubby can get exposed at work and that's one of the things we are thinking. Seamus woke up yesterday(Friday) morning and threw up all over my bed, then showed me that he had done the same earlier on his bed, afterwords he seemed fine through out the day just not quite as wild as normal, except for the poos(3-4 and normal is 1 for him). Then this morning we woke up and he seemed groggy still, we went and picked up my 15yr old brother to watch Seamus while hubby, Kieran and I went to a consignment sale. By this point Seamus hadn't ate yet, so I got him some yogurt and he didn't want it which was odd, but I guess he ate it after we left. We get back and bring McDonalds(As a thank you to my brother) and Seamus didn't want to eat it or drink his chocolate milk, both were very odd for him he usually loves it. He just sat there watching tv like a zombie...also not normal hes normally all over the place. I asked Scott if he was like this when we were gone and he said ya he just sat there....again not normal, Scott is Seamus' favorite person in the world and hes usually climbing all over him. I looked closer at him and he was super pale and his eyes looked sunk in, I asked Scott if he'd drank anything...nope he didn't, which means he hadn't had anything to drink since around 8pm Friday night, and this was after 12pm today. Ken gets our only thermometer which is a mouth/rectal one. He puts a cover on it to get a mouth temp, he could only keep it in for about 20 seconds and it jumped right to 101.4, its a 60sec thermometer so we knew that it was probably a little higher. I called his ped's office and got an appt for 2:15. We take my brother home and take Seamus to the ped's. WOW I've never seen that place so packed before, sick kids and teens everywhere. We get back into the room finally and his temp is 104.6! My poor baby! The doc said his lungs were clear which was good, but she did a Flu culture on him and did the rapid flu test on it....POSITIVE for Influenza Type A, which they are calling Swine Flue(H1N1). As of right now we are to give him Motrin then 3hrs later Tylenol, repeat, and pump him with fluids. Hes not wanting to drink but he will take Popsicles. We also have to watch his breathing if it gets bad go to the ER.

Now we have to watch hubby and I, I've been told that we are at the prime age that its hitting. And Kieran too, we were going to get her the flu shot but after this we decided to get it for her even though it doesn't cover the H1N1 stran.

Hopefully the rest of us don't get it and I hope Seamus can get past it without the lung infection part.