Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pumpkin Pickin' and where did Fall go?

This past weekend we started a family tradition. Pumpkin Picking! There's quite a few farms over in Washington so we took the drive out there to one that seemed fun. The one we went to was Siemers Farm, they have a corn maze with a castle in the middle, a little train called "Tiny Toot" and a larger train called "Big Toot", an inflatable slide, and lots of different vendors. We bought a couple tickets for Seamus to go on the slide and he loved it, though it was a work out for him having to climb up to the top. We also did a family ride on the big train that took us around the pumpkin patch, it was neat looking around that part of the farm. We bought a good sized orange pumpkin and an albino one, also we got a mini one for Seamus to color and a gord(or maybe a squash?) all for just over $5, that's a steal!

Here's some pictures from our day;

Hubby and Seamus going to the slide

Kieran and I waiting while Seamus is going on the slide

On Big Toot

Getting a Pumpkin

Little Miss Kieran after we got back to the car

And while I'm on the subject of Pumpkins which are a fall "thing". Where the heck did Fall go?! We went from 90 degrees one week the next was in the 60's then all the sudden the highs were in the low 50's and lows were anywhere from 17-30. We completely skipped over normal fall weather, the trees are in shock I think because normally by now they've started to change and loose their leaves, I'm not seeing too many right now doing either. While we are lucky that we havne't gotten the snow the midwest has, this super cold weather is sucking. And now I'm scared we will have another nasty snow fall like last year, I wont mind the snow so much as long as it doesn't all come in one day like the 37.5" in 37 hours we got last year.

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