Monday, April 26, 2010

My Diaper Stash

I know I haven't updated in a while, had some personal things that happened and just starting to physically and emotionally get through them, but I have some posts lined up.
In the meantime I wanted to share my diaper stash. I'm quite proud of it, its taken months to get it to where I'm fairly happy with it. We started cloth diapering back in August '09 when Kieran was almost 4months old, and we were given a bunch of diapers by an awesome gal on JustMommies to help us out(sadly some have had elastic die :(). Since August I've learned what works for us and Kieran the best and I've been slowly revamping our stash, buying some here and there when we could and also from diaper giveaways I've won. It seems though diaper stashes are ever evolving and changing lol.

Here's all my pocket diapers(and my stack of wipes)

2 BG OS; one Grasshopper one Ribit, 3 CushyToosh OS; Light Green, Light Pink and Light Purple, 1 FuzziBunz medium; Apple, 1 FuzziBunz OS; pink, 1 Whamies; Red, 2 Nubunz; Red/Maroon and Aqua, 1 Dypes By Dixon; Minky, and 2 WHAM mom ones; Black and Blue (not pictured at the time a BumJoy red) for a total of 14 pocket diapers

Heres my mix lot of randoms

1 Banana Bottoms Medium, 2 BG AIO's in Zinnia, 2 GroBaby's; Blackberry and Mandarin, 2 made by me; Monkeys and Flowers, 1 BSRB, 1 Unknown WAHM

My prefolds, flats and covers

I have 6 Bummis Superbrites(not all pictured), 2 Bummis Whisper Wraps in Medium(one's missing), and 1 Small Bummis Whisper Wrap. 6 Newborn Indain Prefolds, had a dozen Gerber prefolds but recently threw some out, 6 Bummis Organic prefolds, 2 PB&E Flats, and 3 pre-fitteds(2 pictured)

And a couple days after these pictures were taken I got some fluffy mail. I'm also waiting on 3 Thirsties Duo cover's I won(kinda replacing the Bummis ones cause even in medium they are still too big on Kieran) and a Planetwise wet bag.

1 Tweedle Bugs in Minky Moo, 1 Rump-a-Rooz in Rootbear(won), a bottle of Eucalan wool wash in lavender (won a gc from a photo contest and thats how I got the wash and TB)

2 more BG AIO's one in Moonbeam the other in Zinnia

I also have some wool but pictures are taking forever to upload so just showing diapers for now lol

I'm actually thinking of getting rid of the CushyToosh ones because no matter how I do them they always droop on her and fall off. And I can't get the Banana Bottoms to fit right either :(

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  1. Wow! You have a lot of cloth diapers. Good for you:) I always wanted to cloth diaper, but never got started. I think their little tushies look so cute in the cloth ones. LOL