Monday, August 30, 2010

Always fear the noises you hear...coming from a 4yr old...

((Warning pictures at end of post, not all will want to see))

Mr. Seamus is hyper, hardly ever stopping and non listening(teenager already?!). Tonight was full of telling him to stop running in our small living room (apx. 12'x12'). I went to the kitchen to do some dishes and get dinner made and the hubby was on his computer(which is in the kitchen looking into the living room. The kids were playing in the living room, running even after being told to stop. Next thing I know we hear a super thud, then the, "Owie, Owie, OWIE!!" screams. Hubby gets to Seamus first since he was less then 3ft away. As hubby went to give Seamus a hug, thinking it was just another bonk on the head, I notice the blood pouring down the side of his face. I know head injury's bleed a lot, but holy cow I didn't expect that much. I figured with how much blood and we needed to take him to the doctor. Our pediatrician's have 3 offices in 3 towns in our county, and I called to tell them we were coming into the one in our town...but they had just closed an hour before. Our only option was the main office in the big town in our county which was 15minutes away taking the interstate. The whole drive Seamus was fine, quiet for him, but fine. The bleeding had stopped on the way too. We had a 15minute wait after we got to the office, but Seamus did well sitting there and wanted to play (covered in caked on blood >.<).
When we get called back, the nurse wants to clean it up so the NP could get a better look at it. Just the sight of the water bottles set Seamus off and the blood started coming again. After the nurse got it all cleaned she said the NP would be in to see if she would close it with the glue or stitches. When the NP came in we were expecting her to say that she would glue it and we'd be on our way...not how it happened. The gash was too wide to use glue(its a little over an inch long and around 1/4-1/2" wide), and she said he needed 6-8 stitches. Poor Seamus, it was horrible holding him down while she trimmed his hair, he was screaming(they herd him out front in the lobby too) which was making him bleed worse. She couldn't do the 6-8 stitches because of how he was being so instead she did 3 or 4 and then a mattress stitch (which she said was a larger one to make up for the ones she couldn't do). He has to keep them in for 7 days then get removed. Hope the next 7 days go smoothly and he doesn't mess with them.

Warning Pictures are a little gory.

This was from hubby's cell phone at the doc's before the nurse cleaned him(after we'd wiped him down and held pressure on it before we got to the doc) so the picture quality isn't very good.

And after once we got home


  1. Oh no! Talk about scary! Thankfully, we haven't had an injury that bad yet but I know it's coming soon, having two boys! :p I'm so glad he's ok!!

  2. Owie! Poor Baby! Bleeding babies always scares me way more than the baby.

    I was stopping by to say Hi. I read about you and your blog from Jessica at And Then There Were 4. Love your blog, and it was great learning a bit about you in her feature post.

    I am your newest follower now :)


  3. Hope he is ok. Maybe let him keep a beanie type hat on it while he is in air conditioning? I always used to say, "well at least they haven't broken any bones or cracked their skulls yet" that day my daughter fell off the bottom rung of the bunk bed ladder and cracked her head. she was 2 and got Good luck. I am your newest follower.