Monday, August 2, 2010

Such a tiny girl!

I was taking pictures for a Fluffy Fashion show on JustMommies, and I put our favorite wool pants on Kieran, and found a matching shirt. When I was taking the pictures I realized...she wore this outfit last year, almost a year ago...and it still fits her! The top is actually a dress though, its 3-6months but it still fits her just fine as a top, and the longies still fit, starting to get too short but the waist is still really large on her. Kind of nice to be able to use cloths for more then just a month or so but really a year lol. So odd having such a tiny baby after my monster of a boy Seamus.

Picture from last year (I'd say Septemberish 2009, 5 or so months old)

Picture this year (July 30th, 2010, almost 16mo old)

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