Saturday, October 30, 2010


I'm behind in announcing the winner of the Baby Dipper Bowel, and in putting up 2 reviews/giveaways (Charlie Banana and Daffodil Dolls). Halfway through Wednesday I started to get a really bad pain and though I was having an odd bladder infection (but it didn't hurt to pee) and by early evening it got really bad and my mom ended up taking me to the ER. I have/had a kidney stone. Its the worst pain I have ever been in, even the post c-section pain with Kieran wasn't as bad and that was bad pain (I can't really compare it to labor since I've never really felt labor, since they gave me my epi an hour after breaking my water with Seamus and Kieran was straight into a c-section for being breech), but they say kidney stones hurt worse then labor does. I was pretty embarrassed after the fact because I was laying across 3 chairs in the ER lobby bawling it hurt so bad and no matter how I was laying or sitting I was still in horrid pain. I think its finally passed because going to the bathroom is easier but my side and kidney area are still pretty sore especially if I do too much or don't move slow enough.
I hope to get everything up and finished early this coming week. Sorry for the delay.

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