Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

The last few days have been bitterly cold. We got hit with an "Arctic Blast" from the north and..ya...FREEZING! Its been in the negative teen's with the windchill's. Sunday night through Tuesday morning we had snow and blizzards, we got around 8-10" out there of snow (and they are expecting another 6-10" for us by Sunday). Right now as I'm posting this at 9:30pm Tuesday night according to the Weather Channel its -5°F (-20C). They are warning people not to go out of their houses unless extremely needed. The schools have already canceled for Wednesday (and its still Tuesday as I write this, and we've known since around 2pm this afternoon) because the buses wont be able to run right, its so cold that diesel engines can turn to goo right now. Thank goodness Seamus was already off school for the week (preschools and Elem. was out for the whole week for Thanksgiving break), I would not want to drag them out at 7:30 in the morning to take him to school.

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  1. Wow and i thought it was cold here! stay warm hun and those kids bundled up!