Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nana's Snowmen

I have these little snow men that were my Nana's, and since I have all of her things I found them when I went through the garage. I've had them on my entertainment center but decided to stick them in their Home...yep their home, the lovely North Idaho snow of course! :D

One thing that prompted me to take this picture is that my friend Trish is having a photo contest on her blog. I know this photo isn't too fun or exciting, but having my Nana's snowmen and having a picture of them makes me feel a little better as we get ready to celebrate Christmas. This is the 2nd Christmas without Nana and its getting harder as it gets closer, I'm glad I have these snowmen.
The contest on Tutus & Sneakers is for a $20 GC to My Four Hens Photography. I love taking pictures but sometimes get frustrated getting good and neat edits. I love the look of the My Four Hens actions, they would be awesome to have when we do my brothers Senior pictures this spring/summer.


  1. (visiting from Tutus and Sneakers)

    Love the photo! This will be my 3rd Christmas without my Nana, and having her Christmas stuff her makes it so much easier to cope. It's still super hard, still have random moments filled with tears for her.

    Hope both of our holidays are filled with joyous memories of our Nana's. <3