Saturday, December 4, 2010

My little Ham's

So I decided to try to get some Christmas-y pictures of the kids tonight...tried is the key word here. Kieran doesn't much care for smiling at the camera, never really has even our professional pictures she's more smug looking then smiley. I thought I'd give it ago, but only a couple are ok. Luckily I don't do picture cards or I'd be in trouble. These are really just pictures for me to see the kids over the years, I do it every year for the holidays (Except w/ Seamus in 08 cause I was sickly pregnant and we didn't get a tree till days before xmas).

Anyway here are our fun shots. I miss our Canon T1i right now (sadly its pawned till we can get it out in January) cause the pictures would've turned out better, but these

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