Friday, June 28, 2013

The housing game

So last February we moved into our current home. Our 4th townhome you can imagine with legs like mine thats not a good mixture. So again last Feb (2012) we moved in here with a 6mo lease thinking that when it was up we'd sign one more 6mo lease and move in Feb 2013 into a house or one floor duplex. Our plans didn't work out, in July of last year they sent us a letter raising our rent by $30/mo and we either had to sign a 1yr lease or move out then, moving wasn't an option at the time so we were stuck. Now fast forward to July of this year and our lease is up on the 31st. So I've been looking the last month for a place.

I cannot believe the rent prices now, everything seems to have gone up at least $100-200/mo its crazy! On top of the rent increases more then 75% of the things in our price range (which is comparable to the price of a mortgage most my friends have)  are all townhouses or apartments, neither of which we can or will do. I've found a handful of houses or one floor duplexes in our price range...the catch they almost all want First, Last and Deposit ....just to move in it would cost us $2625 that ain't gonna happen! A friend of mine was shocked to hear that the deposits are the same as a months rent everywhere she's rented its been half a months rent (not for us, in the 8yrs hubby and I have been together every place we've lived has been a full months amount deposit).

I did find one place that seemed nice and a fit, but the catch we have is that we can only pay the deposit on July 5th and then give a 30 day notice (the deposit would be paid with what we would've paid for July rent here, but wouldn't have to because we paid last months rent when we moved in here) and then not move in or pay first months rent till August and the management company said the owner wouldn't go for it since the place had been vacant for a month already he wouldn't let to go another month. UGH. I'm stressed with this and at this point we're going to be stuck signing another year lease (only option they'll give us) in a townhouse thats not safe for me. Not only is there the issue of the stairs for me but our back yard isn't fenced. We live in a town house condo track and all the backyards run together. We have random kids running and playing behind our house at 9am (and our kids are in bed by pm) or later, and they all seem to think that our toys are free range, tired of it. The house hunt game SUCKS!

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