Monday, September 21, 2009

My Giveaway Winnings so far!

I've been majorly slacking in positing this but here it is!
So far I have won:
-Poverty.Jane AI2 Diaper and Wool cover Posted in previous post

-32oz Mr. Bubble(which a certian someone dumped out in one day){no picture}
-1 Package of Huggies Little Movers for my newphew{no picture}

-LG Glance Cell Phone From thinkPINK

-Little Bear Bum's Fitted Diapers From Mama Kenz Studio

-250 follower giveaway I choose 6 prefolds and 2 snappies
From The Cloth Diaper Report

-$50 for JCPenney Portraits From The Mommy Homemaker
No picture yet

-BumJoy cloth diaper From Moma to the Littlest Lovebug

Items not yet here:

-Dagny's Promise's 1000 followers giveaway 3rd place, I won 6 Cyclez organic facial cleansing pads
-Sid the Science Kid DVDs
-Bare Bellies 2 shirts
-RoxyShops Hemp Bath
-Wahmies OS
-Libby Lu Boutique Dress}

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