Monday, November 2, 2009


I hope you all had a good Halloween! We sure did. Seamus was a little Rock Star, and Kieran was a leopard. We couldn't find any costumes we liked for Seamus, since hes too big for most 3t stuff an ok in 4t's we were limited because the 4-5 stuff mostly had masks which he wont do, and the 3-4t he didn't like, so we made one up. Little Kieran fit just comfy in her 3-6mo outfit with a long-sleeve onesie, baby legs, socks and a cloth diaper under...shes tiny lol.

We first went to the mall with my brother and his wife and my nephew(who is 4days older then Kieran but he was due after her). Then afterwords we went home(had some really bad feminine issues that needed fixed) and took Seamus(and Kieran) around our neighborhood, then a friend of mine asked to come over to her house and take Seamus around there to get her out of the house. My friend has a 5mo old little boy and she dressed him as a monkey though everyone thought he was a bear. Seamus had a kick out of my friends 17yr old brother who dressed up to go along and took Seamus up to the doors with us. It was fun...then I fell...I'm a big klutz so it was to be expected but I normally trip, I don't normally get a huge rock under the arch of my foot and I have either a sprained or strained ankle...Anyway we stayed out way too late till around 10pm and Seamus knoked out when we got home, Kieran didn't she decided it was play time the booger.

Getting ready to go

Rocker Seamus

Ky and Kieran


  1. OMGosh such cuties! I love playing dress up with my little ones on Halloween. Heck even I think it's fun to dress up.

  2. Yay for 1st Halloween Leopards! She is just too cute. Seamus looks like he really enjoyed his costume. Where did you find that cool lil guitar?

  3. We got it at WallyWorld (walmart) lol