Monday, November 16, 2009

Seamus update

I posted here about Kieran's Early Headstart FC noticing an issue with Seamus' eye(she was his old FC also, but he aged out at 3yrs). Well we had his eye appointment today (11/16). The verdict is...its not a lazy eye, but he does need glasses. He is very far sighted, which explains why he can see things me and hubby can't (we are very very nearsighted, me a -5.5 in R eye and -5 in L, hubby -4.75 and -4.5 respectively), but because of that he has a very hard time seeing up close, things that are easy for hubby and I to see. The eye doc was telling me thats why it seems he crosses his eyes or seems to have a lazy eye, because he is focusing too hard on the object that is close up. His left eye is worse then the right, the one we thought was lazy, so he has a stronger prescription in that eye. The eye doc has us coming back in January to test him again, she's hoping that with the glasses his eye sight will improve if not then he will need eye exercises. She didn't say what eye exercises are but I'm assuming that means patching one eye for a while then the other?
His glasses are blue and in a rectangle shape, he picked them out, it was cute, after trying on about 6 pairs we got to the ones he chose and he said "I like these." My only issue is that hes supposed to have them on all day, which isn't going to be possible, during his quiet time I will have to take them away because he will play with them and break them. I'm just not sure how to go about getting him to keep them on, he sees me with my glasses every day, but hes also wild and crazy (I still love him lol) and I'm scared he will break them and not wear them.

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  1. Awwwww, I'm sure he's cute with his lil glasses! Good luck with keeping them in one piece! I don't think Mandy could handle wearing glasses. They would be off and broken the first day I bet!