Monday, February 8, 2010

Packing our bags

This week I'm going to slowly be packing our bags for our trip. But before I do any packing I need to figure out a suitcase for hubby and I...eek. I have a medium size duffel bag that will fit all of the kids clothes in just fine but our only other one is a huge one that is too big to be taking. I think my mom has a medium sized normal suitcase we can borrow, and I think I need to find one for my brother now that I think of it.

We went to the store the other day and bought the kids some travel sized soap/shampoo's, and us some normal sized ones(ours are almost gone and we figured for the price just buy the big ones). I've also been a laundry maniac, haven't folded it but I've done around 6 loads in 3 days with about 6more to go. I want all the laundry done and put away before we leave Friday afternoon. We did a pretty good deep clean of the living room, bathroom and kitchen, now we just need our room and Seamus' cleaned up good.

Hubby and I are also trying to plan our stops for gas. We're using MapQuest and when hubby was looking at it yesterday we noticed they had us going to Cheyenne, Wy and hitting I-80 which would take us out of the way since we need to stop in Scottsbluff, Ne on the way to where we are going. Luckily he noticed that now instead of when we were almost down there. We're figuring that it will cost about $200 each way for gas...dang I wish gas was as cheap as it was last year, right now its between $2.30-2.70/gallon depending on the state we will be in.

So far the panic of getting it all done hasn't set in, I think it will Wednesday especially if our car can't get fix(that's another blog entry later).

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