Wednesday, February 3, 2010


The last few weeks I have been planing, and replaning and running a checklist all in my head for our trip to Nebraska. We are leaving around noon on February 12th, and hoping to make it to Sheridan, Wy late that night and spend the night then arrive in Nebraska on Saturday. I'm a little worried about actually spending the night in a hotel, for 2 reasons. The first reason I'm worried is when we came back up from Nebraska in 2008 we planned to stay the night in Billings, Mt but when we got there we found out that all the hotels(that we knew about) were full because of a local Native American convention going on and the tribes had the rooms booked, so I'm worried about finding a room. Hubby thinks we will just drive till we are tired, making it to Billings or Sheridan and finding a hotel then, I wanted to reserve one but I was warned about the weather and we may not make it to either place and I dont want to waste a reservation. My second reason for being worried...the kids. I think Kieran will be fine sleeping in a hotel in bed with me and hubby, but Seamus, I think, will have a hard time. Seamus already has a really bad time sleeping and being in a strange place will be even harder on in (especially sharing a bed with my brother).

I keep trying to think of things for the kids to do while driving, we were going to get a dvd player to strap on the headrest but didn't like what we found (hoping to borrow a friends player), so now I'm back to square one. I was thinking crayons, but Mr. Shaymee will color on anything and he will be riding right next to Kieran and I don't want him giving her the crayons so I nixed that one. What I've come up with is either buying them each a small new toy to play with, and/or letting Seamus pick something out so he'll be more excited to play with it.

We've (...well I've) decided to get a cooler and fill it with ice and drinks so we aren't wasting money at gas stations on those, I was also wanting to do the same with lunch but hubby said he'd rather stop to get that. Hubby's dad sent Seamus these cool cups that have a snack cup on top, and a straw runs through it to a bottom drink cup so that will be nice and compact for him to use. Not sure yet what to do for Kieran, cause I know she will want food when she see's Seamus eating something(hopefully he wont try to feed her).

We will be in Nebraska from mid Saturday till very early Wednesday. Wednesday morning we are leaving for South Dakota and stopping at Mt. Rushmore(4hrs north of where we will be in Nebraska). I've been to Mt. Rushmore back in 2004 but my brother and hubby haven't and I thought it'd be a neat little detour. Our plans are to stay the night in Rapid City then take I-90 straight home on Thursday making it home late Thursday night early Friday morning.

It will be fun seeing how the kids do on the trip. I'll be updating my blog as the trip goes on :)

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