Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Behind a little

Its been so busy lately trying to figure out when and how to do all these appointments that I've been behind on my blog. I have 2 reviews and giveaways to post, one from EcoMom and the other is a book. EcoMom should be up this weekend since the hubby has 4 days off and I'm halfway done reading the book. I also was supposed to make a tutu for my friends nieces birthday and only got the cutting done, I feel like such a bad friend but I can't work on it when the kids are up or all heck breaks loose. Then today I got my very first order on my Etsy shop!! I need to get to JoAnn's to get the tulle to make it for her but I'm very excited to do it, and now need to find time for it, hehehe.

We have a pretty busy schedule now though.
Monday 10am is speech, not sure yet how long, guessing an hour
Tuesday Seamus has PSR (unsure on official days yet though)
Wed. Kieran's Early Headstart
Thursday 10am is speech, 5pm is Seamus' counselors
Friday - Sunday Free days!! (for now, PSR is supposed to be twice a week)

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