Monday, June 7, 2010

Seamus' Eyes

A couple months ago(I think it was December, I can't remember for sure now), we took him to the eye doctor because Kieran's Early Head Start Family Coordinator(FC) did eye tests on both kids(after we said we were wondering about Seamus' eyes) and noticed how Seamus' eye looked. The eye doc we were seeing I guess was just a fill in and the lady that actually runs the practice was on leave for a few months. The first eye doc we saw said he didn't have a lazy eye that he was just very far sighted and would cross his eyes trying to focus on anything up close. Around March they had to change his script because the original one was too strong and gave him headaches. Well today we saw the eye doctor who runs the practice(and I guess the only one there now) and she wanted to start "Fresh" since she'd never seen us before.

The eye doc did a bunch of light tests with him and said his eye was one of the worst she'd seen. When he looks to the right his left eye looks like its almost sinking into his nose, when he looks straight he will sometimes cross(or get the lazy eye look) and sometimes not depending on how far or close the object is. Looking left is the worst, he can't look fully to the left without turning his whole head. Then came the surprising part, she asked me if he was developmentally delayed. I told her he had lots of problems when he was an infant and toddler and about the torticollis and plagiocephally, and also how he would drag his left leg and sometimes arm when he first started crawling and walking. The next part was shocking in a way, she said they were all connected somehow (we still haven't figured out whats going on with him). She said his eye is a "non-traditional" lazy eye and that lazy eyes are normally hereditary so that means probably from hubby's dad.

We have a new "game plan" now, before it was to try glasses for a few months then patch. Now the game plan is going to a pediatric eye specialist. The eye doc said with how his eye is, and how he can't fully look left that she is pretty sure one of the muscles in his eye will need to be cut/released. They called and set up an appointment but it's not till August 25th. The doc wasn't too happy about an appointment being 2.5months away, and said that they had another 3yr old in earlier today with something similar and they got her in next week and she's not anymore urgent then Seamus, so she said they are going to basically pester the specialist so they can get them in sooner.

Heres a couple pictures of him. We were trying to get him to look but it was hard to do since it was 7pm when we tried and he's had a long day.

This was an accidental shot but you can sort of see how his left eye is

And here we tried to get him to look left, you can sort of tell how he can't look to the side, he's got no side vision in that eye


  1. oh wow! what crazy news Justine! I'm glad that they're catching this and taking it seriously. I hope they're able to get him in sooner than August! KUP!

  2. I hope they can get him in sooner, that is so frustrating.