Monday, June 28, 2010

Busy week ahead

First off great news. I had posted a couple week ago about Seamus eye specialist appointment not being till the end of August, but then they were able to move it to July 14th and "Squeeze" us in, then last Monday I got a call from his normal eye doctor saying that the day has changed again. On Monday I got a call from his eye doc saying that another patient had gone to the eye specialist that Seamus was going to go to and they were not happy with this specialist after all, so they did some research and found a different pediatric eye specialist(PES). The new PES we will be going to, dh has even herd about, even before I did, a lady at work told him about this PES and how she loves her. The PES we will be going to now is part of Sacred Heart Medical Center, and that right there made me feel better, them being part of a top rated hospital. The best news about going to a different PES, they could get us in sooner without having to "squeeze" us in. Seamus' new appointment is Friday July 2nd!! We have to be there by 9:45 so that means we are going to have to be up at around 7am, and have Kieran to my mom's house by 8:30am then stop to grab some breakfast and head out of town. It takes about 30-40 minutes to get to Sacred Heart from here and that all depends on traffic. I'm excited they were able to get it moved closer and glad that we are going with a 'better' PES.

On Friday I got a voice-mail(I never answer phone numbers I don't know, but I had completely missed this call lol) saying to call back asap, that the speech therapist had an opening and a couple of people up next to get in and it would be who ever called her back first getting the slot. I ended up seeing the missed call about 30 minutes after she called so I was worried someone else had filled the spot. Luckily no one else had called back. We've been waiting for speech for Seamus since the end of January, thats how long the waiting list is, and finally after almost 7months we are in and I'm so happy. We go this afternoon, his appt is at 2pm and we have to be there at 1:45, the stinky thing is that hubby works till 2:30 so he wont be going and I'll be juggling both kids on my own(and its a feet to go anywhere with Seamus especially alone with both of them). I'm not sure what we will be doing today but I'm glad to finally be going.

All this is on top of our 2 normal weekly things, Kieran's Early Headstart home visit, usually on Wednesdays but this will will be tomorrow, and Seamus' counselors on Thursday.

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