Monday, March 8, 2010

Birthday Party Planning

Its bitter sweet that I'm planning Kieran's first birthday. I've been slowly getting supplies for the last month, but it hit me today(her 11mo birthday) that she's actually going to be 1 in a month. This last year has gone faster then I ever thought it could. With my Nana dying so soon after Kieran was born, my mom living with us from March - July 2009, hubby's hours being so scarce we were applying for unemployment(they thankfully went back up soon after he got approved and we never got a check), to the h1n1 that Seamus had and we got some down graded version of it. Looking at her makes me want to cry, I want my tiny baby back, not that she's very big but still.
Her birthday is going to be on a Thursday so we are having her party on Saturday the 10th of April. Right now we still are not 100% sure on where it will be, I send out her invites just saying that her party will be at our house, but its possible, weather depending, that we can have it at a local park. Her them is mostly a Bold and Bright Color theme, with cupcakes and tea party thrown in. I was having just a cupcake-tea party theme before I realized how many girls were having that theme for their first birthday, and even slightly changing it up I found out a lot are doing similar colors(her primary are Bright Pink and Bright Green). Seamus' first birthday was so much easier, being in the summer I just did a Hawaiian theme and no one else I know(IRL or online) was doing it. So far it looks like it will be us, my mom and 1 brother (other is an iffy, with his marriage going up and down) and possibly my friend and her son(he will be 10.5mo then), but I've invited more just waiting to hear if anymore will come. I'm hoping to make a veggie tray like I did for Seamus, have some macaroni salad(though I wont eat it), peanut-butter sandwiches for the kids, cucumber sandwiches and tuna sandwiches and drinks. There's still a few more things that I'm not sure about but slowly figuring it out.

Here is her invite

(Pictures taken w/ a Canon T1i, Digiscrap kit, "Party Time," by Pure Creativity Designs, I did the layout, fonts from Fonts For Peas)

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