Saturday, March 27, 2010

Franklin Goose promotion

Franklin Goose, a children's online store, is having an awesome promo right now. But hurry it ends on March 31st! Right now for each product review you give they will give you $5. Its amazing the products they have an how fast the credits build up. I found out about this on Tuesday, and did $90 worth of reviews in just a couple hours. I was so excited that I placed an order that night. Over the last few days I've gone through their site more thoroughly and found more products that I've used/tried (and they've been adding more things) and have been able to review enough to get $35 more credits, but I believe I'm done now can't find anything else lol.
Like most people when I heard about this I thought, "No way, too good to be true." But I decided what could it hurt its all free, you can even use your credits to pay for shipping (all shipping up to 25lbs is only $5). I placed my order Tuesday night, and almost everything I ordered was backordered except for 1 thing(which is now backordered lol), but when I woke up this morning I saw an email from them, a TRACKING NUMBER! I was so excited, I've been following threads on both JustMommies and DiaperSwappers and seen that people were getting tracking numbers and actually getting the items but I thought that it would be a while if I did. I'm so excited, only one of my items is shipping but thats ok, it will be a present for Kieran :P

My first order (with my original $90) was;
1 - Thirsties DuoWrap Diaper Cover
Color: Storm
Size: Size Two $12.50

1 - GroBaby Shell
Color: Blackberry $16.95

1 - Bum Genius Organic One Size
Color: Moonbeam SNAP $19.95

1 - Bum Genius Organic One Size
Color: Clementine SNAP $19.95

1 - Boon fluid toddler cup
Color: Pink/Translucent 365 $5.99

1 - Boon Odd Ducks
Color: Slim-Blue/Green/White 952 $5.99

1 - bum Genius Hemp Babies Diaper Doubler
Size: Large $3.00

The GroBaby shell is what shipped, so happy to have another one of those.

Franklin Goose has cloth diapers, children's safety items, stuff for the nursery, children's gear and even household items. Many people have been wondering why they are doing this, and this is what they said on their facebook page;
Many people have asked why were are doing this. The answer is simple. We believe in our site. When we consider all the ways to let people know, we prefer to spend $500,000 on giving money to the people who need it in a creative way rather than to an ad agency for a series of magazine ads.

What they said makes since, with how many mommies, online diapering and organic communities, and even freebie sites posting this all over, I think their company is getting more exposure then any add in a magazine would get them. I know I will be shopping here again(for Seamus' birthday especially)

So hurry up to Franklin Goose and do some reviews!

Just as a forewarning they are backlogged right now, taking 3-4days for credit to show up on your account, but they've said as long as your review is done by the 31st(and on the 31st I believe) you will get the credit. You can even "bank" your credit and save it for a year and get an extra 20% for doing so!

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