Thursday, September 16, 2010

Crazy Schedule

I should have prepared the kids and practiced our new schedule this week, but...well...I wanted to sleep in this week. :P
Seamus starts school on Monday. He goes from 8am-11:45am which means we will need to get up between 7-7:30, thats early for this mama! On top of that our weeks are packed, and this is why I can't figure out how to work out of the home!

Monday (our easy day)
Seamus school 8-11:45

School 8-11:45
Speech 2:30-3:00
Seamus PSR 4pm-6pm

School 8-11:45
Kieran playgroup 10am-12pm
Speech 2:30-3
EHS home visit 3:30-4:30

School 8-11:45
OT 1:30-2:30
Counseling every other week 5-6pm

Free day! Which means bill paying day

S PSR 12:30-2:30

Free Day/Relax

My eyes keep going >.<, especially since Speech, OT, Playgroup and Counseling are all in the town next to us. So on Tuesdays & Thursday's its pick Seamus up, go home for a little then head to town, also on every other Thursday I don't want to drive back home only to turn around a half hour later to go back for counseling, so we'll have to stay in town and find something to do. Wednesday's are kind of a pain, my mom will pick Seamus up for me since I don't want to leave playgroup at 11 to get him on time, but after play group I'll have to come get Seamus (15-20min drive) then go back to town for speech right after.

Oh ya and be on the look out this weekend and next week I have 2 reviews and giveaways being posted :D

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