Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gentle Cycle Pads Review

Cloth Pads or "Mama Cloth" something new for me to venture into. I was always a little weirded out about cloth pads, till it hit me that it was no different then cloth diapers, actually a little less icky then diapers. At the same time that I realzied they weren't "icky" I thought I should probably make the switch since we have spent between $20-40 a month in disposable pads since Kieran was 8 weeks old. Something happened, all we know is I had a uterine infection whether it was caused by the c-section and never caught or the IUD put in at 6weeks PP but I've had female issues since then (got better after 2 rounds of antibiotics but after 2mo of being better it got worse then it was before). Because of the issues I've been having its scared me to take a full plunge into Mama cloth because I didn't think they would work for someone like me. But I was approached by Cindy from Gentle Cycle Pads and asked if I could do a review of one of her cloth pads.

Gentle Cycle Pads are made by Cindy a mom of 3. I was super excited when she asked me to review her pads. I'd never tried any before due to my fears of them not working for me, but I wanted to try them. Cindy sent me a Punk pad, it has cute skulls on the pretty print side and purple flannel on the other. The pad she sent me was for light to light-medium flow so its taken me a little to be able to post this.

I have to say I'm now addicted to cloth pads. The first day I wore it I was in Heaven. I've been having an issue with the rubbing feeling from the disposable ones and to wear a cloth pad and feel like I was just wearing underwear was so awesome! I was able to wear it on a fairly light day for around 3hrs and didn't have any leaks or issues at all, it went perfectly (and the few times after that I've used it too!). These are a great, ecofriendly, convenient, and natural feeling pad and for a great price too.

To see Cindy's pads check out her etsy shop Gentle Cycle Pads
Her blog
And Gentle Cycle Pads facebook

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