Saturday, September 11, 2010

Its official

Seamus does have Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). To what extent and what sub category I don't know yet, Kieran was being a booger at the appt and I missed half the testing the OT did and we couldn't talk much after cause Seamus kept taking off and grabbing everything. We will go to OT once a week till the end of the year (after that his insurance will only provide 24 visits a year), along with his 2 speech visits each week.

Seamus also got into Headstart which I'm very thankful for. They are also going to help us with further testing, he still shows quite a few signs of Aspergers, which can go hand in hand with SPD. He starts school on September 20th, and is in the morning class from 8am-11:45am. I'm excited but sad at the same time, sad he wont be home but glad to get a little break from him 4 days a week.

Its taken over 3yrs to finally get to a point that things are making since with him, but I'm glad we are finally on the right track. I'm glad we will be learning better ways to help him learn and get him caught up(like learning ABC's, counting past 10, more then 3 shapes, how to draw more then lines, etc), and how to deal with his behaviors. I guess part of his behavioral issues are from SPD cause he doesn't know how to handle the emotions and will outburst instead.

My cute blinkie that Niamh on JustMommies made for me

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